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Where to see flower fields in Catalonia

Back spring with its beautiful contrasts; green meadows, infinite fields, blue mornings and gray afternoons, the flowers return, the revival of life and with it our state of mind, our desire to go out and explore, our capacity for wonder returns. Spring is here and with it all its light. In this post I will tell you some areas where you can see fields of flowers in Catalonia with all its splendor.

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One of the times when Spain flourishes, from corner to corner, in some places spring passes, leaving behind a palette of colors as varied as it is whimsical, and the best example of this is the Catalan Community.

Catalonia, with its climatic diversity, leaves us a variety of cfields of flowers that, at different times of the year, surprises and excites us. From the Province of Lleida with its Blooming Peaches to the Mediterranean Coast with its sunflowers.

Fields of Flowers in Catalonia

The Flower Fields are ideal setting to capture spring in all its glory. Where to see these fields in Catalonia? I leave you some places to see flower fields, at different times of the yearSurely some alternatives you already know. Although it never hurts to know new places near from our house and charge our weekends with pure nature.

See Peaches in Bloom in Aitona, Lleida

In this region you will be able to see, in first person, the wonderful peach plantation and its beautiful flowers. Seeing these fields are a real past that you cannot miss.

The flowering season of peaches is very short. so be careful to plan your visit on the most colorful days.

The time of blooming peaches It usually only lasts a few weeks or even just a few days depending on the weather.

Time: Beginning of March.

If you dare to visit the area, I recommend that you rent some bikes and tour the areas on your own or with a guide.

In this page, Aitona in Bloom, you will find out the best dates to visit the town, plus activities you can do while you're there.

I leave you the address of the Aitona Sports Center, a kind of market where you can buy countless products in the area.

Aitona Sports Center Address: Carrer Pau Casals, 35, 25182 Aitona, Lleida

Fields of Sunflowers in L'Emporda

And from here we go a little ahead in time until we leave spring behind and get fully into summer. Summer here you are, finally!

The fields of Sunflowers in the Region of L'Empordá are an authentic landscape wonder. The area itself is pretty but If you go to this region in July you will be able to see its fields of sunflowers.

I encourage you to discover L'Empordá in the summer season and that you come to the Jafre area among many other surrounding towns with sunflower fields.

You also have a post Where to see Fields of Sunflowers in Spain.

Little Provence in the Mas Sampera farmhouse

Who said that it was necessary to go to Provence to see fields of Lavender, nah. In the Mas Sampera farmhouse you have lavender fields, where you can enjoy the afternoon touring the area.

See the photos here: Lavender field near Barcelona

girl wearing pink dress running on trail among purple flower field

You can also buy some of the products they make there from the lavender flower. Soaps, lotions and many more things.

Located in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, this place in Valles will not leave you indifferent. A rustic house, typical Catalan, with all its charm awaits you.

Time: From June 15 to July 31

IMPORTANT: This is a private farm where you can enter for freeto. The owners have a store where they sell the products produced by the farm, all products derived from the lavender flower.

Address: Carrer Fonteta, 7, 08187 Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, Barcelona

I leave you too on Instagram to gossip a bit. more sampera

Fields of Flowers near Barcelona

If you want to enjoy fields of flowers without going too far from the city of Barcelona, Here I leave you places closest to Barcelona.

Poppy fields in the Vallès Oriental

poppies, those capricious beings that, They are born where you least expect it. They tend to dye any corner of joy and delicacy.

These precious Flowers are hard to see so having a place where you can see them in greater numbers is lucky.

In the Valles area you have several places where these flowers abound, however, the most prominent is the road to Santa María de Gallecs. From Mollet del Vallés you can make the way on foot or by bike, an authentic delight of walk with flowers of all kinds but above all a mosaic of poppies everywhere.

Time: End of April and beginning of May

How to get to Santa Maria de Gallecs. From Barcelona, Train R3 (direction Puigcerdà) to Mollet del Vallés. Once in this town we go to Santa María de Gallecs, in the direction of the Hotel Ibis de Mollet. Once there you will see signs indicating the route to Santa María.

I leave you a post about where to see poppies in Spain. Very useful if you live in some of these places. 😉 has Options that are going from Castilla Y León to Toledo. A hoot.

The immense rapeseed plantations in Osona and L'Empordá

In spring the Catalan countryside dresses in yellow and in large part it is thanks to the huge rapeseed plantations that we have throughout the community.

Yellow cloaks interspersed with green are the protagonists of these scenes that I recommend you, if you have the opportunity, do by train

In the Osona region, 1 hour by car from Barcelona, you can enjoy this landscape without much difficulty. Recommended the towns of Balenyà, Centelles and Tona to enjoy this experience while you take a walk. As well you can see them in the small town of Vic.

Route to do by Train from Barcelona. This route is ideal to do by train. you can take the line R3 towards Puigcerdà/Vic/Ripoll to comfortably enjoy the views.

If this region falls short for you, os I recommend go to the region L'Emporda, near the city of Girona, where you will be able to see immense, but very very immense, rapeseed fields. I suggest you the town of Monells and surroundings.

Time: End of March, April and even May depending on the weather.

Remember Be careful with flowers and crops. Do responsible tourism, know without destroying, enjoy and respect, and thus cause the minimum impact on the environment. The photos thrown on top of the flowers are very beautiful but that does not help the conservation and correct development of the plants. As well remember that these fields are the livelihood of families so respect and care.

Other places to see flower fields in Catalonia

You also have cherry fields and festivals dedicated to flowers. You can't miss the Girona Flower Festival!

  • Cherry Fields in Sant Climent de Llobregat

Less than 15 km from the city of Sant Climent de Llobregat it is a place ideal for viewing cherry blossoms.

selective focus photography of white and red petaled flowers

Time: End of March – Beginning of April

A stone's throw from Barcelona this place is a good alternative to rest from the bustle of the city and enjoy nature surrounded by cherry blossoms.

  • Flower Festival in Girona

Girona is covered with Flowers. The city of Game of Thrones dresses in colors to host, as every year, the Festival of Flowers. Also called Flowers Temps.

This celebration takes place in May and leaves us the beautiful and welcoming city of Girona covered with flowers of all kinds. This week the old part of the city covers its most iconic monuments with ingenious floral representations, also all establishments; shops, cafeterias, museums contribute their grain of creativity to the whole.

A visit that I highly recommend. Getting to know Girona surrounded by flowers is something unique that only happens once a year.

Epoca. Flower Seasons 2022: May 07 to May 15

It's time for colors, to go out and visit our flower friends. Wherever you live there is always a space for spring. In some countries this season is more subtle while in others it is a festival of color and variety. Nevertheless, each site has its charm and its flowers. ¡Descúbrelas!

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