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Where to eat a rich francesinha in Porto

A good starting point to talk about Porto is the francesinha. The francesinha is a Portuguese recipe Designed to raise the dead and keep the belly full throughout the day, even the next day.

Let's say the francesinha is a sandwich filled with: A fillet of beef, or pork, sausages, cooked ham, some also add other sausagess. plus a lot cheese, and to finish it is crowned with a fried egg, y of course, the moldy sauce.

A must in Porto: have a good feast with a francesinha. If you want to know other Reasons to visit Porto you just have to click on the link.

Where to eat a francesinha in Porto.

The question is, where can i eat a traditional francesinha, in a fairly central location that is good at price Therein lies the question. And how from Rome, in this case from Porto, do you leave, arrive and find out by asking because we have asked and they have recommended us a place where the francesinha will leave you kao, yes, the dish in addition to caloric is exquisite.

In the past, the francesinha was a snack after a night out. Today, it is a classic in Portuguese cuisine and is eaten at any time as a main dish.

The francesinha's mold sauce is what makes it such a special dish. Said sauce varies depending on the place, however, each place gives it a unique touch.

Where to eat a francesinha in Porto

black cape, an essential restaurant if you visit Porto and you like good food. A cozy place, with a bit of noise but an environment that invites you to have a few beers, and not worry too much about waiting.

I recommend that you go hungry so if you are in the heart of the city a good idea would be to walk there.

We ate at the bar while we had a few beers, the place is usually quite full but for a dish as rich as this it is worth the wait. 

Address: Rua do Campo Alegre 191, Porto, Portugal

How to get to Capa Negra from the city center

The restaurant is a bit far from the center. Taking the Luis I bridge as a reference, from there, in the parade call No Candal, you can take the bus 902 or 903 towards Boavista. a little stop to Gonçalo Sampiao and you are already three steps from the place.

Another option is to go for a walk, if you feel like walking about 3 kilometers it is not a bad idea either. 

Instagram black cape. On his Instagram you can gossip about some of the local dishes, although his specialty is the francesinha.

In the Web page, Black Cloak II, you have the letter and some photos 😉

Do you know what you can do next? Have a few beers at The Porto Bar where a beer costs less than 1 euro.

Come on! Prepare the belly that we are going to eat Porto! Enjoy.

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