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Documentaries about minimalism

This will be a short post where we will give you a list of the best documentaries about minimalism and simple living. You will find some of them on Netflix. Others are available on YouTube.

Documentaries about Minimalism on Netflix

Minimalism. Less is more. Joshua Field Milllburn and Ryan Niccodemus

The documentary that every minimalist should see.

It is ideal for when you start this adventure, it helps to observe the experiences of the protagonists and how they apply the minimalist philosophy to their lives. The best thing of all is that they lead a life practically the same as everyone else's, only prioritizing the things that matter most to them or giving value and focusing on those that are important. It makes us empathize much better with them and also It helps us internalize that we can achieve a similar life.

After watching this documentary, you will surely want to start living with much less.

Mari Condo series. Let's order!

We all know her. Even, some have discovered the minimalist lifestyle, thanks to his books and television show.

Marie Kondo gets into our lives and makes Minimalism and order are hopeless. In each chapter you can learn new organization methods and ways to keep your house in order. Furthermore, a series of steps to reduce the amount of things you have at home.

Very interesting: create your minimalist wardrobe in a simple way

In control of your economy

It is not a documentary about minimalism, try in a way close and real our relationship with money and gives us tricks on how to keep a budget.

A complete guide to organize your finances, especially in the domestic field.

Experiences about Minimalism on Youtube

Minimalist Mind. A documentary about minimalism

Gianni Ferreiro tells us first-hand what it has meant for him to start living a minimalist lifestyle. A good video, which lasts an hour, where Listen to the experience of a person who is committed to living with fewer material things.

What I like most about this video is that He interviews several people, each of them with a totally different lifestyle with the particularity or common adjective that they all try to live a simple life and how they manage to apply it in their daily lives.

No matter what you dedicate yourself to, minimalism is something general, flexible and moldable where the only thing you should keep in mind is perseverance, patience and open your mind to new learning.

Watching documentaries and listening to stories is a simple way to get into minimalism without having to read a book. Just seeing the way others apply this lifestyle to their way of living.

This way you can take some ideas to start creating your own minimalist system.

Philosophy: less but better  ˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗

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