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Winter Capsule Wardrobe Ideas explained with photos

After a few years learning about minimalism and putting into practice different techniques and habits to reduce my closet, I have come to the conclusion that once you are clear about what you like you can easily create a capsule wardrobe for every season. Creating a winter capsule wardrobe is very easy if you keep a few things in mind which we will discuss in this post.

Today I want to tell you how I organize myself to create a winter capsule wardrobe. I follow these steps for each season and I usually have a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe, Organizing my closet for mid-season climates doesn't work for me, so I make two different closets and that's it.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Basics: Photos

Choose a good winter coat

One of the most important tasks when creating your capsule wardrobe It will be choosing a coat that goes with everything and provides good warmth. Remember you can have several. I have 3 coats: a long more formal one, another for routine days and a thin raincoat.

I leave you some Little photos to inspire you and get some ideas.

Color palette for your sweaters

Be they normal long sweaters or blouses. I use both. You need to set yourself the task of searching What colors do you want to have as the main colors in these garments. As they are easy to combine with jeans can choose several colors different.

Minimalist wardrobe: the benefits of having little

A few jeans will be enough

Jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe. Add cloth pants or tights if you use them but make sure they are Easy colors to combine with your clothes.

In this aspect I have the normal. Two blue jeans, one black and one in less common colors usually help me get through the winter with everything I need.

Scarves, your best allies

Your best allies for make your outfit look more polished and pretty. Use as many as you need and have them on hand to create more daring and colorful combinations wearing simple clothes from your closet.

The scarves are my favorite tools to give a different touch to my outfits and helps me have a Minimalist yet colorful wardrobe. You can use them in many ways and if they are big, even better.

Tricks to Create a Capsule Wardrobe Easily

Be clear about what you need

It is imperative that Be clear about all the clothes you need to start creating your puzzle. Although it is easy to create the bases of a capsule wardrobe Let's say that in the society we live in The complicated thing is choosing a few to accompany us during the seasons.

If you like several clothes and they are similar, choose only one of them and you can save the other in case it gets damaged or the one to wear is not very practical. But, the most important thing you have to do isKeep in mind that a capsule wardrobe creates to make your life more and simplify some daily tasks. Take it seriously and try to choose Only those clothes that you know you are going to wear.

Choose clothes that combine with each other

It is very important that you choose clothes with Colors that are easy to combine or simpler clothes. This trick will help you save time when dressing and finding clothes that combine with each other easily.

Although there is never a lack of that garment that we find difficult to combine with others, try to keep them as few as possible.

It's practiced

Look for your food first and foremost and be practical. Think about the clothes you wear every day and leave aside anything you only wear a few times a month.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your wardrobe, that first of all.

Look for ideas to create beautiful outfits

Often It is not the lack of resources that makes us think that we have nothing what to wear, but the lack of ideas to use everything we have.

Before you start choosing the clothes you want to use in your winter capsule wardrobe Look for ideas and references of how you want to dress. Make a list of all the clothes you see and think about the bases you need to create that wardrobe that you want so much, but with few clothes.

I leave you my Pinterest board where I save ideas of outfits that I like.

It seems simple, and it is, you just have to look for ideas whether on Pinterest, magazines or Instagram and get to work to create a really cool and simple winter capsule wardrobe.

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