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12 Things We Should Stop Hoarding

Accumulation is part of our lifestyle so that we can perform our routine correctly. Now, that does not mean that our friend Diogenes does whatever he wants in our home. Although there are many objects that we need in our day to day as well there are other things we can do without or at least reduce their quantity.

This post is for review together the objects that we usually accumulate, myself included, and therefore we must put more focus on them to reduce them and thus achieve a much lower impact on the environment and on the order of our home. Conclusion Very simple little things that we use every day, that sometimes we accumulate without realizing it.

Things you should stop accumulating at home

  1. Plastic caps.

Let those who keep the ice cream tappers raise their hands? No one is spared from this.

Tapers are useful because we use them every day to organize food in our kitchen. Now, having hundreds of tapers will make your kitchen crazy hard to clean and order. If you use them often, pull out a few, find your perfect number, and give away/donate/throw away the rest.

assortment of berries for garnishing on wooden board
Among the things that you should stop accumulating are the plastics where the fruit comes from. In many cases we can buy them in bulk or in wooden baskets.

If possible, Try over time to replace them with glass ones. DThey burn longer and are much better for storing food.

  1. Plastic bags

This is the second of the evils with which we must deal every day. Plastic bags are an omnipresent object, no matter how much you clean they are always there. It's like they reproduce. hAz cleaning bags from time to time or as I do, use them for organic waste and so you get rid of a few.

Do not forget to have reusable bags available in the bag, in the trunk of the car to avoid more quantity.

  1. Books you will never read again

If you are clear that you would not read that book again better go outside. Could be useful to someone else. You sell it or donate it.

  1. Pharmaceutical products

This is a point to which we must Pay a lot of attention. If there are medicines that you do not use or that have expired, throw them away at a suitable point for it. There is one in all pharmacies. And not to return to the same pay special attention to the amount you have and how you use them to avoid accumulation.

  1. Nail polish and makeup

It happens with these as with clothes: although we have a lot, there are always some that we use more than others. Do regular cleaning of these and get rid of those that you are clear that you will not use. and nothing to say about Poor quality and expired makeup, nor nail polish that is dry and does not paint...

variety of makeup products
In order not to mess it up, I try to have a small toiletry bag where I put everything. At most I have a separate shadow palette for special occasions.

I also tell you that if you are a makeup lover and you like to have a lot of palettes, don't mind me. Having them organized and taking care that they do not expire is enough.

  1. hair accessories

We love hair accessories, it turns out that we see some photos and we already say -well, I'm going to buy one of those to try-…. If you are one of those who like this type of accessories, try to separate them by seasons and organize them well. If you see that there are some that you do not use, you know.

  1. Magazines and newspapers

If you like to have magazines at home, try to keep them current. If you will no longer read a magazine or a newspaper, then to the trash... New ones will come! If you're interested You can also switch to buying digital magazines and newspapers. A very interesting, accessible and ecological alternative.

Personally I prefer to go to the kiosk and have them in person. But this is a matter of taste.

the kinfolk table book beside baked pastry on white ceramic plate with white ceramic mug
It would also be nice to assign it a place where you can enjoy it and get the most out of it.
  1. Loose or damaged socks

Regularly check the sock drawer to remove those who have lost their partner or who are ugly. When you buy socks better than They are of quality and, if possible, made of natural fabrics such as cotton.

  1. Pens and stationery materials

Nobody said this was easy. At this point I have to say that I sin a lot... I have empty notebooks waiting to be used and I don't dare to get rid of them, you know, just in case... With pens it's easier for me: I usually use three colors: blue, red and black and I have some spare parts of these and that's it. Same thing with bookmarks and stuff.

If you're tougher in that regard, then try not to buy extra stationery. Buy only what you need at the moment or at most a spare in case you run out. Let's see if the story applies to me 🙂

  1. Documents

When I say documents I mean contracts, payslips, invoices… If possible, ask them to send you the invoices in digital format and organize them in folders. The same with the physical papers: in well-ordered folders and if you see that they will no longer be necessary in the trash. In case the flies is ok to scan some papers to have them at hand

  1. Jewelry

I personally love beads and jewelry. I make them myself and sometimes the amount I reserve for myself gets out of hand. To avoid getting involved I do two small piles: one with which I use daily and another for special occasions that I keep in a small box.

I have a lot Be careful not to have too many and always keeping in mind that I drink to use them and if not, in the next cleaning they go away.

  1. Creams and other potions

It was the typical one that had a cream for everything: for the hands, the body, the face... Since it happened to the natural thing, I only have one, or at most two types of creams in total. In the end I realized that Not because I had many creams did I take better care of my skin.

Reduce the number of creams you have as much as possible, read the ingredients of each one very well and stick with the least abrasive for your skin.

And you, what objects do you think we should stop accumulating? I read you in comments.

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