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How to earn money while traveling. My experience

Earn money while traveling, what a dilemma. For many of us the idea of ​​-just- traveling is a utopia that we haven't even considered. Traveling has been one of the priorities of my life, especially when I was 19-20 years old. I always kept in mind that I needed to earn money while traveling not only for my whims, but to live and save for my future.

Although I was lucky to have my parents' house always available and I lived with them for a long time when my savings dwindled. I recognize that Part of my emotional stability and financial maturity comes from having started working at a young age.

Despite that many people told me that it was not possible to work and travel, I got it for over a year.

-> Remember: sometimes people give us advice from their limitations. take them but do not accept them as yours and follow your dreams.

<<My first time traveling alone>>

The idea of ​​traveling and working

I will not fool you. Here it is not all rosy. Working while traveling can prevent you from having a permanent job from a very young age, which isn't that bad either. But if it is what you want is a question that you must ask yourself. Also It prevents you from settling down and putting down roots since you may feel the need, as it happened to me, to take advantage of everything possible to move and learn.

make money while traveling It was a simple alternative I was able to continue for a few years while I got to know incredible places. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that You will not have many of the things that others, salary and permanent job, if they have.

When you work and also want to travel you have to make a series of sacrifices that in most cases are not well regarded in our society: not looking for a permanent job, working for a year and changing, looking for weekend jobs, etc. This has been my case. I regret absolutely nothing. Moreover, I would follow the same steps again and I would travel even more if I went back in time.

It is for this reason that I want to tell myself my experience in great detail and accuracy that I can remember, in order to help you make a decision or look for alternatives to your ideas.

Ways to earn money while traveling

There are several ways to earn money while traveling. Many of these options will not be able to be done at the same time, but there are ways to reconcile it and save money along the way.

Study while you travel

A way that I like less but that is also viable is find a scholarship. Well, this is not work but it gives money.

Some countries pay selected students to study certain degrees while they pay the expenses. Eye that Not all that glitters is gold. these scholarships They require minimum requirements, in addition to applying to get them can be a bit tedious and sometimes it is not so simple.

We could include the scholarships that they give to those who go on Erasmus or Exchange but since I don't have much experience, none at all, I'd better leave it here for you as an alternative.

Anyway I leave you a Youtuber, Beyond Words, what does videos on how to study abroad while earning money. It also has videos of habits, trips and organization. So much.

Work as a freelancer

A lifelong self-employed person... But a traveling self-employed person.

I met several travelers who combined their professions while traveling. Some were looking for clients at the destination and were combining it with those they already had. Professions such as computer science, illustrators or coaching sessions give you a lot of freedom of movement while you continue with your work wherever you are.

all of them were freelancers who could adapt their workload to the months or weeks they needed.

It is a ideal alternative What does it bring you? freedom and comfort since you only need a computer and internet connection.

Work as a waiter, cleaner or delivery person days or months

Working at the hostel has given me more than 60% of the money I have earned since I started my work experience. Has been my livelihood and the payer of my whims for a long time. That is why, from my point of view, working as a waitress, receptionist, etc. can give you the flexibility and the money you need to travel while expanding your resume.

For a long time, and also during my higher studies, I worked in the hotel business a few days, especially weekends. Sometimes worked full time for several months in order to save as much as possible to go on a trip.

The idea of ​​having a full salary He helped me organize myself to plan short trips, save and pay for my studies. Thanks to my parents, my boyfriend and relatives I was able to work without having to pay rent. which helped me to have all the salary available for my plans.

Now that I look back I realized that many people have contributed to my goals and I thank them with all the love of my heart for doing that for me. Hopefully one day I can do it for my children too, as my parents did with me and with other people who can help.

If you see any way go live with a relative or rent a room at a good price do not hesitate to do so. This will make the steps are much bigger.

Give particular classes

Whether it's language classes or support classes.

You can get a lot out of giving classes since the price of the hour is usually high. If you see that it is difficult for you to find students, try Offer yourself to mothers/fathers when you pass by a school or put up an ad. Or asking people who have children.

Although it is well charged, it is difficult to get money to live. I recommend you complement it with another job while you make a broader client portfolio.

Work as a babysitter abroad

Here is my case. A large part of the trips I made during the year 2018 was thanks to my work as an Aupair. Also with a lot of skill you can manage to save some money for the return to reality.

I tell you.

Before I left as an Aupair I was considering several alternatives to be able to travel with little budget. She had a job as a waitress and some money saved. But the options, although they were many, did not fully convince me.

Searching multiple pages of contacts between nannies and families I found a family in England with whom I thought I could earn some money and have time to travel. That was how my adventure began.

First stop: Sheffield.

My experience as an Aupair in England

My experience living in one of the largest cities in the north of England was a real past. Living with so many options allowed me move faster and cheaper. In addition to having thousands of activities to do every day. In Sheffield I was never bored, I always had places to visit in the area or things to do around the city.

I got some English classes in a community support academy with university professors who taught classes as volunteers. He paid alone10 pounds a week!!!

The money saved for classes and the "salary" he received for taking care of two children allowed me to save money every month. Remember As an Aupair you live in the home of the family of the children you care for so that You don't have to pay for a house or food. In my case, I didn't even pay the transport pass.

I was earning £100 a week. It didn't seem like a negligible amount compared to what I was doing; Take the children to school, do their homework, be with them and make sure they have all their things in order. It was about 20 hours a week, or less, and I had a week off every other week.

During my stay in England I made the most of all my days off to be with myself and put my head in order, or at least try. I dedicated myself to visiting surrounding towns, discovering second-hand stores of all kinds and getting to know some English cities such as Leeds, Manchester or York. The latter is my favorite city in England, along with London.

All this I got it by saving my salary almost whole week by week and they travel on National Express, which was much cheaper than moving by train, although much slower. The Subways were another of my tricks to save money on food along with buying things in supermarkets. I was also staying at Bed & Breakfast where I met wonderful people and we ate as if it were a shared apartment.

Then came the change.

Although it was a good experience Due to some circumstances I decided after 4 months, change family and go to ireland

My experience as an Aupair in Ireland

After living in a city with everything at hand I felt like discovering the Irish tranquility.

I didn't live very far from the second largest city in Ireland, Cork, but it was quite difficult for me to continue with my routines and have facilities to travel. Also the English classes were much more expensive.

Although conditions were better; He had well-defined schedules, I would earn 120 euros a week, I would have a car to get around, etc. The lack of alternatives prevented me from getting to know the country as much as I would like.

I took advantage of these months to save as much as possible. Pay the tuition for my studies and keep the little mattress that I had left.

With the spirits on the ground due to the weather and other circumstances I returned to Spain a few months later.

I have not the slightest doubt that It was one of the best experiences of my life. Experiences that had given me the most important lessons. Lessons I would carry with me to this day.

Traveling and working at the same time helped me:

  • To be stronger
  • settle for less
  • Take care of myself
  • defend my rights
  • be more empathetic
  • Complain less about the things that happened to me
  • Be thankful

And above all, He gave me incredible people who shaped my way of traveling, mentality and lifestyle.

That is why I tell this story. For you to look for alternatives to something that It will surely give you many lessons in the form of frustration, instability, good friends, loneliness, time for yourself, incredible places, etc.

Tricks to save and have time to travel while you work

I can't say goodbye to this post without leaving you some tricks that helped me to save and to be able to take advantage of the free occasions that I had. They are very brief, however, keeping them in mind will help you make better use of your time and resources.

  • Plan your days off.
  • Search for cities near you even if they are not famous. Give them a chance.
  • Save as much as possible to pay for your days or weeks off work.
  • Look for cheap classes. Either online or by asking students who are in the same situation.
  • Take money saved just in case.
crop anonymous financial planning budget writing numbers in notebook

From my house in Barcelona I remember with great affection that stage of my life where there were no set routines. Every week was different. They were other times, it was another me. But that me from the past has made me enjoy the calm that a place to settle in offers me.

Traveling has given me maturity and experiences that are difficult to acquire under the comfort of a steady job, parents who pay for everything, people who think and talk like me, etc.

never forget that life must be something worth telling. You will have time to have a house, a car, a permanent job, children and everything that society demands. If that's what you want, perfect. But if it isn't, Flying. what already you will return to your nest having grown as a person and being even stronger.

This is advice that I give you and would give to my best friend, to my sister and surely the one that I give to my children.

𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚜 𝚙𝚘𝚛 𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚛 ♡ 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞

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