Keys to a simple Christmas

The Christmas season inevitably takes me back to my childhood: warm Christmases on the beach, family dinners and lights everywhere. Children are happy with anything. and the truth is that we can get that feeling back applying some keys to live a simpler, more austere Christmas.

The simple or austere has nothing to do with scarcity, quite the contrary, when we seek the simplicity of moments that we live we are embracing its essence.

let's embrace the essence of Christmas beyond gifts and superficiality. Enjoy as before a simple Christmas full of love.

  1. Christmas beyond gifts

We do not remember what Christmas was like without gifts, in fact many of us have not experienced such a Christmas.

If we think about it, Christmas has nothing to do with gifts. Although it has become something normal and a custom, Christmas is time to be with the family, to share moments together and celebrate.

Gifts they are great and we all like them, but that it is not the central theme of these parties depends on us. Gifts should not be an end but a consequence of love for others, which does not have to materialize in something physical.

  • A sustainable decoration

This year we have the perfect excuse to make our own christmas decoration.

Involving all the members of the family we can take elements of nature and integrate them with lights and objects that we have at home.

You will see how beautiful your space is decorated in a minimalist way and in a sustainable way. HERE BELOW YOU HAVE SEVERAL IDEAS

  • appreciate every moment

Being grateful is the best way to see the positive side of things. If you are reading this post it means that you are alive and whatever your circumstance, remember that it is temporary.

Thank you for the food on the table.

For the people around you.

For getting through this year.

Give thanks because it is a habit that will make your life a little easier and more manageable.

Give thanks from the heart for what you have, even if it is little.

  • Put solidarity into practice

Solidarity is one of the most beautiful consequences that crises can leave. Look around you and contribute something to society. Even if it's little, it's better than nothing..

You can donate clothes, food or toys. Many times a simple MERRY CHRISTMAS makes a difference.

For those of us who have everything, it is very easy to see Christmas as a time for chupi, however, there are many people out there who have very little or almost nothing. People who need a helping hand.

Let's take advantage of these holidays to put solidarity into practice and offer value to the community.

Do not forget that life takes many turns, also being supportive makes us value more what we have, apart from fulfilling incalculable social work.

  • make your own gifts

Today with the internet we have thousands of ideas to make gifts made by ourselves. Sources of inspiration from which to get ideas are: YouTube and Pinterest.

Handmade gifts are the best detail we can give someone. Investing our time in creating something for another person is a show of love and dedication.

I have a post about minimalist gifts. I LEAVE YOU HERE THE LINK


  • Prepare different foods and drinks

Eating the same thing every year is fine, but innovating and trying new recipes is much better.

Look for ideas of different dishes and put them into practice from now on. Involve your family in tasting new foods and prepare a different menu for these holidays. don't forget lthe typical recipes of these dates: ggingerbread cookies, carrot cake and those that you invent.

You can also make different drinks at home such as chocolate with cream and marshmallows. The little ones will love it.

  • Staying at home can be fun too

This year due to COVID 19 we have to stay at home most of the time. We can take advantage of this circumstance to share with the family; organize games or prepare theatrical presentations with the little ones.

A good idea is to see Christmas movie marathons. With popcorn, matita and hot chocolate.

  • give time

The most precious asset we have is called time. and dedicating it to others is the best way to express without words or gifts that you care and love them.

There is no better way to show love than by dedicating time to what you love.

If it is not possible to go home and have dinner with your family, you can make a video call and have dinner with them anyway. Technology has the ability to bring us closer. Use it to be with your loved ones and fill yourself with energy.

And to finish, I would like to ask you that if you do not need technology to communicate with your loved ones, try apply digital minimalism this holiday season.

No cell phones on the table, look me in the eye and consciously share this unique time in our culture.

Happy Holidays and thanks a lot for reading.

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  1. What a pity that in the third and fourth world they know nothing about this. Every child should know what it is like to live in a world of unicorns.

    1. That's how it is! Sometimes, many of us also take it for granted that everything we have is available to everyone. The sad reality is that more than 60% of the population cannot even imagine having even 5% of the facilities that we have, and for that alone we should be grateful for every second of our lives, instead of complaining about nonsense that is not come to mind

      I think it is up to us to educate our children to be grateful and kind, and with that small gesture we can change a society.

      Thanks for your comment.

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