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Charming cities in the Dominican Republic

If you are thinking of visiting the DR but still don't know where to start, here we go. the most charming cities in the Dominican Republic. It's time to put these small cities and towns on your list so that When you visit the island you have several destinations to choose from. County cities, paradisiacal beaches, caves and lagoons await us throughout the country.

DR beyond Punta Cana and all-inclusive hotels

Dominican Republic despite being one of The most visited countries in the Caribbean still hide unknown corners. Especially for those who only know Punta Cana These places can bring you closer to the essence of the country.

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Let's say The country has focused on promoting the experience -Low Cost and all-inclusive vacations- many times, too many times, failing to focus on other cities. Nonetheless, In the last decade, tourism in the country has been moving to other areas, thus leaving a wide variety of options. that make the traveler more informed and have more alternatives to choose from.

The most beautiful cities in the Dominican Republic

Let us remember that the DR is a small country, despite that, we haven beautiful cities in the little land that we have. The size of the country becomes an advantage, since in one month you can visit most of these cities and towns without problems.

Let's start with the north face...

  1. Puerto Plata

The city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata was the pioneer in introducing tourism to the island. It was in Puerto Plata where The first hotel in the country was installed. In fact, we can visit the street where it was.

Is Pink Street in Puerto Plata. It is painted and decorated in this color in honor of Mrs. Blanca, founder of the first hotel in the country.

If you go to the city center you will find Square. Surrounded by colonial style houses typical of the colonial era. It is an ideal place for learn about the history of the Americas, slavery and also discover the different deposits of unique gemstones in the world such as larimar or amber.

Another surprise is that The city has the only cable car that exists in the entire Caribbean. In this medium you can reach the highest part of Puerto Plata to visit Christ the Redeemer, replica of the Christ of Rio de Janeiro, with the best views of the entire city and the coast.

Besides that You can also visit La Fortaleza de San Felipe. If you need a little Caribbean mood you just have to get closer to Golden Beach. One of the most beautiful in the area.

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  1. Río San Juan

Another small town but with a lot to offer It is Río San Juan. It has unique and little-known natural spaces. Among them, Leaving the town towards the city of Cabrera, you will find Dudú. El Dudú is a cenote surrounded by nature and several lagoons.

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In the town itself you can choose between different beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

The most famous beaches of Río San Juan are:

  • Caleton Beach
  • Playa Blanca
  • Playa Grande
  • Beautiful Beach

Other corners that You cannot miss its Gri Gri Lagoon, a unique natural area in the Dominican Republic.

  1. Samaná

LThe most visited city in the country after Punta Cana. The beauty of Samaná cannot be compared with any other on the island. Here you will have everything; beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, paradisiacal islands, tranquility on the one hand and partying on the other.

Samaná has a peculiarity that makes it different from all cities in the world: It is one of the places in the world where you can see whales from the bay. A perfect passing place for whales and their babies, which makes it one of the few cities where you can see them from the coast.

A unique experience that you can only have here. The best time to spot whales is between January and March.

mother humpback with baby whale floating under surface of ocean

If you are one of those who opts for a all-inclusive accommodation here you have several offers.

The places you cannot miss in Samaná are:

  • Samana Malecón
  • Bridges of Samana
  • Las Terrenas
  • raised key
  • The Lemon Jump
  1. Santiago de los Caballeros

The second city in importance and population. One of the most beautiful and clean cities in the entire country.

Santiago de los Caballeros is the ideal city to discover the interior of the DR while enjoying the atmosphere and all the possibilities that a big city offers you.

  1. Higuey

If you are in Punta Cana you cannot miss this city.

in itYou will discover nature, the Caribbean atmosphere. In this city is part of our pride, devotion and affection towards La Iglesia de la Altagracia. Patroness of the Dominican Republic where every year Thousands of Dominicans gather to offer, venerate and give thanks to the country's patron saint.

  1. La Romana

Another tourist enclave populated by mega hotels with the typical bracelet.

It is a place for those who want to relax and forget about the world surrounded by perfectly arranged coconut trees, white sand beaches always prepared for photos, delicious food from all countries and party if you wish.

The perfect destination to spend a relaxing week in the Dominican Republic.

  1. Santo Domingo

We left the capital for last, not without reason. If you want to know a little more about the history of the island and the time of the discovery of America, there is no better place in the entire country. to do it here, in Santo Domingo.


It is the most important city in the Dominican Republic and also the most populated, chaotic and noisy on the island. Although it also has some beaches, the city is more focused on the enjoyment that a large capital offers.

Here all the dynamism of a happy country, in constant change and full economic expansion, converges. A city full of contrasts that reminds us that we are in a Latin American country that is growing non-stop.

Recommended for those who want to see the most chaotic and least exotic part of the DR. But also the one that offers new opportunities and from where all the potential that the country has expands.

I wish you a nice trip through the Dominican Republic.

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