letter to my grandmother

letter to my grandmother

Dear grandmother,

You're a wonderful woman who entered my life from the moment I came into the world. I have been able to share with you happy moments, anguish and also sad moments. You have taught us to be strong and face life with determination.

I've seen how you talked to Mommy; you took care of her and advised her as if she were your own daughter, you looked with admiration at each of your children and I realized the confidant you had in my Father. In short, I have witnessed the great love that you shared between your children

Grandma, you have been such a strong woman. I think 2020 has been nothing compared to everything you've experienced. You have seen a country grow from its ashes, you have been left a very young widow, you have lost a baby, the dictatorship, the biggest natural disasters. Despite everything, you have managed to rebuild your life and move on. I admire you so much.

We are going to miss you a lot. But we can't be selfish and think only of ourselves. We understand that you were tired, that you wanted to meet with Grandfather and with all those people that you have left along the way. We wanted to have you forever with us Mom, at some point we even thought that you would live forever. That we would always have that helping hand that would heal us when we fell ill or your advice that made us feel relieved. Thank you Mom, for so much love.

When you were born, you cried and everyone around you smiled; live your life in such a way that when you die; you smile and everyone around you cries.


I know that you are not completely gone and that your presence will always be by our side to care for and guide us. People with a legacy like yours never leave. Something always remains: a smile on the face of your great-grandchildren that will remind us of you, a familiar voice. The enormous winks of love that you have left between us.

I remember one day, when I was little, asking you: Grandma, what am I going to do when you die? I don't remember your answer. I guess move on. Take all your advice like a bible and be strong. I know that difficult times are coming, but you You are the best example that you can keep going despite how hard life may be.

I am writing you this letter, as a thank you and consolation to calm my sadness. You will always be in my life. Before you were thousands of kilometers from me, now I feel you closer, like before, when I got up from my parents' bed in the middle of the night and went to your room to sleep with you and my grandfather.

Many years have passed, even more so I remember how you pampered us, how happy it made you to see us grow by your side. The occurrences of my brothers, the mischief of my cousins ​​and family meals with all your children lit up your face. Those moments were the happiest: Christmas under the Caribbean sun, with afternoons on the beach and nights to tell stories. I hope we have contributed at least half of what you have given us.

They were wonderful years, Grandma. Years in which we had you, Grandpa, Uncle Pancho and Tita Evangelita. We played until nightfall, we bathed under the downpour on duty and the aunt scolded us because we were going to get sick. Of course, there was always a hug in between, a sweet kiss and the laughter of everyone around us.

Years later, three little elves would come into your life: Farah, Jaileen and, a little later, little Abi. Your great-granddaughters. It must be wonderful to enjoy your children's grandchildren. Sometimes I wonder if any of us will be able to get as far as you have. You are our hero.

We thank God, life, for having enjoyed you for so many years.

I'll tell my kids about you and Grandpa, I promise. I will tell you how they were and above all I will put some of their teachings into practice.

We promise to be strong. Go ahead with optimism. Above all, do not let the current circumstances and those that will come overcome us. Now it is our turn to demonstrate what we have learned.

See you later Grandma, Mother, Friend. Until life brings us back together. Give Grandpa and uncles a kiss. We love you.

  • Millions of thanks: For their smiles, For the love they have given us, For the values ​​they have instilled in us, For the immense generosity and strength.

Another thing Mom. That tomorrow is your birthday.

Happy Birthday love of my life

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