Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda: From Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Platja Sant Pol

Even with the lagaña in the eyes and sleepy faces we are heading to complete one more section of the Camino de Ronda, specifically, the one that goes from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Platja de Sant Pol. So if you are looking for Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda you are in the correct post.

One of the things we like the most about the Camino de Ronda is that, as they are discontinuous sections, we can choose what suits us best at each moment. In this case we were looking a route that was not very long and we find the Route from Sant Feliu to Sant Pol, with no more than 5 kilometers (round trip).

5 km of route that It allows you to do a small section of the route and also enjoy the beach throughout the day.

Details of the route from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Sant Pol

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Duration: 3h
  • Difficulty: medium-high *During the route there are several flights of stairs.

It is a route that you can perfectly complete in three hours and where the colors, the coolness and the turquoise water are the center of attention.

To do the route you just have to follow thes Red and White markings.

We start the adventure at the Sant Feliu de Guíxols yacht clubWe're headed a little bit uphill towards a small cove that is currently closed. We talk about Jonca cove.

After Cala Jonca we go to different coves, each one more beautiful and paradisiacal. This small section surprised us a lot since it has ideal coves for snorkeling or paddle surfing.

Right next to the Cala we begin to see some stairs, the Camino de Ronda is nothing without endless stairs, so get your ass in shape.

Along the way you will also find people prepared to climb. In this section we have a Via Ferrata most cool You have climbs with guides on this website, Girona Adventure, for about 30 euros.

Appreciating the colors of the rock together with all the landscape that surrounds it is an experience in itself 🫶🏽

Cala del Moli, is a via ferrata next to the sea and one of its peculiarities is that it is located next to the sea. Your tour is 480 meters, everything by the sea. A unique experience to enjoy the beautiful views in the Mediterranean.

During the tour, almost reaching Sant Pol, you will find a small tunnel with windows from where you can see the crystal clear, turquoise water and people doing paddle surfing if you go in spring or summer. One last!

Coves from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Sant Pol

In this section, and without much hassle, we are going to tell you all the points of interest or the most important ones that you will find on this small route. As you can see, they are not exactly few and it is that This route to take such a short tour has a lot of coves and unique places that you will like to discover.

  1. Sant Feliu beach
  2. Cala Jonca *Temporarily closed
  3. Via Ferrata Cala del Molí
  4. Cala Ametller
  5. Molar viewpoint
  6. cap de mort
  7. Cala del Peix *A spectacular cove
  8. Tunnel and Cala Maset *Temporarily closed
  9. Cove Sa Caleta
  10. Sant Pol beach

In addition to these coves you will find others that are smaller and many times we go through them without realizing it: Cala dels Mussols, Cala del Niu...

Sant Pol beach

We arrived at our destination with a crazy desire to dive into this beach. it definitely is one of the most beautiful beaches what we have seen on the Costa Brava. El water it's super crystalline, it is almost a natural pool, also next to the beach you have some stones that are ideal for snorkeling or taking a dip in one of its natural pools created by the stones.

Our favorite points on the Camino from Sant Feliu to Sant Pol

At each stage of the Camino de Ronda we are finding magnificent places that call our attention a lot, so we take out the notebook and write down the names for fear of forgetting them.

We leave you some photos of the places that have impressed us the most on this route.

  1. Molí Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata of Cala del Molí is a point on the way where, surely, you will stay for a while watching the climbers and the beauty of the landscape in this particular place. Contrast the light brown colors of the rock, the intense blue or light green of the sea (depending on the day) with the colors of all the nature that surrounds you.

This place is magical and we could say that it even seems that the climbers are part of the area.

  1. Molar viewpoint

They say that effort is rewarded; Well, I'm not saying no in this case. After going up a few stairs, we were surprised with the views from the Mirador del Molar.

From above you can see the rocks in the middle of the sea and if you go in spring or summer many, many, kayaks .. From there the tone of the sea becomes much more intense and the panorama is spectacular.

  1. Cala del Peix and Cala del Niu

Let's start with Cala del Peix. We liked entering this small cove, almost tiny, and realizing that there were many things that made it special:

  • This small cove, hidden from the world, looks like a natural pool, practically without waves where snorkeling has to be an incomparable experience. If we could see the fish from the outside, imagine being underwater!
  • has a jetty which gives the cove a cinematic touch in true Mamma Mia style.
  • Your name, According to some, it is because many years ago a whale was stranded in the small cove

Cala del Peix is ​​a cove with all the characteristics to be a cozy place. It's just that in summer it's usually quite crowded, but, If you go in spring or early June it is a delight to go through this place.

As for the Niu cove which we were captivated by the relaxed atmosphere and that you can go with dogs! At the entrance to the cove you can see a sign that explains, very clearly, that it is a site dedicated to them.

We entered this cove out of curiosity and we saw a few beautiful ones enjoying the place. If you have a dog, it is an ideal place where they can be free and without uncomfortable looks.

  1. Tunnel and Cala Maset

If this is not paradise, let God come down and see it..

Before reaching Cala Maset you will find a small tunnel with spectacular views of the cove, from there you can observe, from the darkness, all activity of those who are doing snorkeling, paddle surfing and kayaking. And it is that any of these activities is a unique experience.

We will leave you some photos so that you can get an idea of ​​how beautiful this place is. Without a doubt one of our favorite points on the Camino de Ronda.

Other Short Routes of the Camino de Ronda

Along the Camino de Ronda has several small routes that you can do in one morning calmly. Even doing the most famous routes half way is usually a very good option if you want to know certain points and live the experience even if it is not doing the complete route.

  1. Route from Blanes to Cala Bona
  2. Camino de Ronda from Lloret Playa to Canyelles
  3. La Fosca beach to Cala de Castel

If you have more time and want to do a longer route we recommend you the Route of the Camino de Ronda: from Lloret to Tossa de Mar. A piece of the route that will leave you speechless. In addition to the city of Tossa is one of the most beautiful of the Costa Brava.

Tossa de Mar, like in a fairy tale, is a place to dream.

More details about the Camino de Ronda in our section

Live the Costa Brava and explore its Camino de Ronda at your own pace with these routes. Aquí encontrarás maps, detailed routes and photos of the different sections of the Camino de Ronda.

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