Camino de Ronda: From Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar

Of course he Camino de Ronda is the pilgrimage for lovers of the sea, salt water and nature on the beach. The coastal path with about 200 kilometers to go (Portobou to Blanes) is a delight for lovers of coves and hiking. Today we will focus on the section of the Camino de Ronda from Lloret to Tossa passing through the most spectacular coves of the Costa Brava, culminating the route in the most beautiful town in the area.

The round road

The Camino de Ronda is a series of routes that run along the entire coast of the Costa Brava. Although we have another Camino de Ronda; Circular route that begins and ends in Girona, the best known routes are those of the Costa Brava.

One of the peculiarities of these roads is its scenic beauty, since along all the routes we will be able to appreciate different natural environments. Most of the routes are starring small coves, narrow dirt roads, stairs and walks by the sea.

That's why I do The Camino de Ronda is one of the things that anyone who lives on the Costa Brava will recommend to you.

Do the Camino de Ronda in stages

With such a long way to go and so many coves to discover, it is normal feeling overwhelmed by the options and overwhelmed, perhaps, by the little time available. It is for that reason that some of us decided do the Camino de Ronda in stages.

The Camino de Ronda in stages is one of the options that people usually choose either for the little time available or for enjoying of the route in one more way aware, slower and calmer.

So this time and for the first time seriously we decided to start exploring and enjoying the Camino de Ronda from Lloret de Mar to the precious city of Tossa de Mar.

A Pair of 12 km on the way, of stairs, coves, and little houses. Quite an experience that right now we will begin to explain.

Camino de Ronda from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar

From Lloret, where we left the car specifically at 8:00 in the morning, the city welcomes us with a small fortress next to the sea. What better way to start!

This is the Lloret de Mar fortress called Castell d'en Platja and from where our route begins. this is a nice castle that unfortunately is private property but from the outside it is beautiful.

Note: A large part of the Camino de Ronda is cut off due to private construction, that is, part of the Caminos de Ronda, especially those with access to the sea, already have an owner.

Let’s continue...

After to cross the fortress the stairs begin to challenge our energy, but whilealways amazed at landing in coves each more beautiful, blue and crystal clear.

In some coves the water turns turquoise, in others the colors mix with a blue so intense that it seems that it is a new hue of the chromatic circle.

In order not to remove emotion I will be brief: The marks of the route to follow is the red and white line.

Here is a small guide to the coves and places of interest that you will find along the way.

Coves and Places of Interest between Lloret and Tossa de Mar

  • Cove Sa Caleta
  • Castell d'en Platja
  • Cove Sa Turtle
  • Cala d'en Trons
  • great cove
  • Canellas Beach
  • Moorish Cove
  • Llevado cove
  • Viewpoint of Tossa de Mar: Punta d'en Querus
  • Tossa City: Cala Cordolar and Tossa Castle

Details of the Lloret and Tossa de Mar Route

  • Distance: About 12 km.
  • Duration: 4 min 30h
  • Difficulty: Media

To give you an idea, we started the walk at 8:00 in the morning and finished around 11:30, so we covered the 12 km in about four hours.

Tips to do the Camino de Ronda

These tips apply to all the Camino de Ronda but especially those sections that are longer. It is very important that you take this into account and that you go prepared before going.

  1. Wear food and drink in sufficient quantities.
  2. Shoes suitable for walking. The Camino de Ronda has its difficulty and you must go as comfortable as possible. along the way you will find dirt steps, narrow corridors next to the sea and many, many stairs.
  3. Make detours towards the coves at each stop. On many occasions the route deviates quite a bit from these coves and you have to go down and then up.
  4. Follow the red and white line until you find the green line, which is the one that leads to Tossa de Mar. *Applied to the Lloret-Tossa Route.
  5. The most important advice: start doing the route as early as possible, especially if you go at the end of spring or midsummer.
  6. Organize the tour well to give you time to have a drink in Lloret or Tossa. Optional but rewarding.
  7. Return by bus to the starting point. So you can take better advantage of the rest of the day in some of these cities.
  8. Enjoy the coves along the way. Many of these coves are difficult to access, so taking a dip in these crystal clear waters is part of the experience. And above all, refresh!
Camino de Ronda from Lloret to Tossa: Our Experience

One of the reasons why We do the Camino de Ronda because the beach freaks us out. We like it a lot nature and we love it walk, that's why it's stage it seemed to us long but beautiful It is true that we would have liked the route to run closer to the sea but this has not been the case due to the fact, as we said before, that many of these sections are private property.

One of the things that most we are liking to do the Camino de Ronda is to see so many people doing the path of all ages and nationalities. The Camino de Ronda is a culture here in Catalonia and an emblematic hallmark that attracts the attention of all who visit the area.

And what we like most about doing these routes is that during this path you will find endless of ideal coves for snorkeling, so I recommend you take a notebook and write down some of these names because you will surely want to spend a whole day in one of those small coves.

Things to do and see in Tossa de Mar

If you have time and energy to spare, we recommend that you stop by the city of Tossa de Mar, a beautiful city that is always ready to welcome us.

Tosa is a small town full of bars, cafes, local shops and restaurants where you will surely feel super comforted once the stage is over. The city is ready for a leisurely stroll, a good meal and if you hurry, you even have time to visit one of its bars.

However, we know that time is finite and that the day does not give so much. It's time to prioritize and get to know the essence of the city in a short time.

The most interesting and visited places in Tossa de Mar:

  1. The Castle of Tossa
  2. The Villa Vella. Charming streets, you will also find a statue of Ava Gardner. Discover the story...
  3. Tossa Cathedral
  4. Roqueta neighborhood
  5. A technical stop at the Thomas pastry. In this pastry shop they sell delicious meringues of different flavors. C/ La Guardia 14.

Photos of the Route from Lloret to Tossa

The objective of this section is to give you an idea of ​​what you are going to find along the way. I think there are many other things that will surprise you, so here are some of them. photos that we have taken from road from Lloret to Tossa de Mar.

Complete routes of the Camino de Ronda

Live the Costa Brava and explore its Camino de Ronda at your own pace with these routes. Aquí encontrarás maps, detailed routes and photos of the different sections of the Camino de Ronda.

Have an excellent day!

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