Camino de Ronda from Blanes to Lloret de Mar

Who was going to tell us that one of the coolest roads, so far, would take place in the route of the Camino de Ronda that goes from Blanes to Lloret de Mar. A route loaded with stairs, why fool yourself, but a wonderful route.

Brushstrokes in the landscape with stone coves, houses in the purest Mediterranean style, nature and a route full of points of interest, among them the hermitage of Santa Cristina.

Details of the Route from Blanes to Lloret
  • Distance: 10km
  • Duration: 3-4 horas
  • Difficulty: medium

Walking from Blanes to Lloret de Mar

We started route in the city of Blanes, immediately some stairs welcome us. -The Camino de Ronda and its endless stairs… –

At all times we head in direction to the botanical garden of Marimurtra. Por el camino you can make a small detour to the castle of Blanes from where you can see the whole city as well as having some Spectacular sea views.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to see the castle from afar and continue on your way, you have to go to the botanical garden, before arriving you have this beautiful note.


Once in the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, which I invite you to visit when you have time. It is a garden with all kinds of cactus species and plants from around the world as well as reproductions of specific climates, such as an area dedicated to the western United States.

In this botanical garden you have one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the Catalan coast.

We continue on our way and start with the beautiful coves, those colorful places that with their crystal clear waters invite us to take a bath and stay there forever.

Coves and points of interest on the Camino de Ronda from Blanes to Lloret

Cala Francesc or Cala Bona

Cala Bona is one of the most beautiful coves in Blanes as well as one of the most accessible. on the beach You have restaurants, shops and parking lots. reason why Cala Bona is ideal to go with children.

The only drawback is that in summer it is very crowded.

Anyway, Cala Bona is a beautiful cove that we recommend you visit if you are in Blanes or its surroundings.

Sa Llapossada

A small cove with difficult access since on many occasions, when the sea is working hard, it is very difficult to get there. However, here We leave you the name in case you feel like taking a dip in this cove.

Pinya de Rosa Viewpoint and the Pinya de Rosa Botanical Garden

A zone that has two Botanical Gardens it has to be, by necessity, a special place. Rosa's Pineapple Garden is another enclave of the route. If you have time, the entrance costs €5. We have not been to this place, so we cannot give you a review of the site. From the outside it looks very nice.

Cala S'Agulla and Punta de S'Agulla

It is a little hidden cove, one of those that people like because they are difficult to access and therefore have fewer people. Another stone cove perfect for snorkeling. Aim.

Treumal cove

From a distance you will be able to see Cala Treumal, which is another of the famous coves in the area. from above you will see multitude of kayaks, adults and children practicing snorkeling accompanied by a quite cheerful atmosphere.

It has a large car park so it is a busy cove. Yes, it is a Cove between mountains with impressive colors.

Hermitage and beach of Santa Cristina

Now we go with one of our favorite points of the route and that is that the Hermitage of Santa Cristina is an authentic beauty, a small well-kept church, around it you can see some murals and statues that harmonize all this Mediterranean place.

In the back of the hermitage you have a viewpoint that will not leave you indifferent.

A unique place in the heart of the Costa Brava.

Sa Boadella Beach

We continue on our way and from a distance we can see one of our coves favorites in the world… Or perhaps one of the most beautiful in all of Catalonia.

Some call it a beach, others call it a cove, the only thing we can tell you is that This little corner of the world is to be enjoyed.

In Cala Boadella there are usually a lot of people, we are not going to lie to you, but keep that essence of a hidden beach that you have to get to by walking along a dirt road.

The water is so crystalline that it seems that the boats float, you can see how the fish roam freely without the need for snorkel glasses. This is how transparent the water of Sa Boadella is.

We couldn't help but give ourselves a well-deserved dip in Sa Boadella. It is impossible to resist. We stopped here, had breakfast, bathed, chatted and wanted to stay until nightfall, but we had to continue on our way and the sun was already hot, so…

Fenals viewpoint and beach

There is still a way to get to Lloret but this route is full of cool places, It could well be said that to do this route it takes almost a whole day.

Fair-Poor before reaching Fenals Beach you have the viewpoint from where the color of the water has some beautiful tones when the weather is good.

Always is a pleasure on such a long route to cross bits of sand. Walking past people as if you were going to put down your towel and lie there all day... It is very difficult to give up a beach like this...

It's not long until Lloret de Mar.

Castle of Sant Joan

We also went through the small castle of Sant Joan what more than a castle it looks like a small fortress or even a small stone lighthouse. We take a look from the outside and continue. If you want to visit the castle here is the link is located here.

Cala Banys

That yes, that during the way we are all the time saying look < > before arriving at Lloret, just before is Cala Banys.

this cove Established between the rocks, it is an area quite popular with tourists, since being so close to Lloret de Mar it is a guaranteed call for visitors.

This little piece is crowded by many people who go from Lloret beach, passing through the Dona Marinera viewpoint, arriving at this small but charming cove, above all, because of the color of the water and its rocks.

We were very curious to walk past a bar that is right next to the beach, it is a area very crowded by young people and the atmosphere is cheerful.

Dona Marinera Viewpoint

Here is our trophy, our great reward. We have already arrived at Lloret de Mar.

The Dona marinera welcomes us, a beautiful statue of a woman looking at the sea.

Lloret de Mar beach

We have little to say about the beach of Lloret de Mar; huge, almost infinite, one of the largest beaches on the Costa Brava and also one of the most bustling, crowded and well-known.

Whenever we go to or pass through Lloret we say that Lloret de Mar is the Las Vegas of Catalonia. Lloret has very little to do with the tranquility of the Costa Brava, however, it is also part of it and it is that Lloret has its charm and its public.

Where to sleep in Lloret de Mar and Blanes


Experience Route from Blanes to Lloret de Mar

Of course it is very difficult to say which has been one of the routes that we liked the most, each route has its charm but this time we have not stopped hallucinating. This is a route marked not only by coves but by different points of interest that make the route absolutely wonderful.

Sorry for using so many adjectives in the posts but it is not for less, the nature of the Costa Brava is impressive in every way.

On this route we have verified that the beauty of the Costa Brava goes far beyond its coves.

Photos of the Camino de Ronda Blanes – Lloret

Here we leave you one compilation of photos that we have taken during the route. I hope they help you locate yourself but do not create too broad an expectation of the place.

Do not forget note that on the Costa Brava the seasons are also very marked, especially spring and fall, so Depending on the time of year in which you visit the area, you will observe certain places in one way or another.

Other Stages of the Camino de Ronda

If you are in other parts of the Costa Brava remember that the Camino de Ronda is divided we enter, among them these that I am going to leave you here below.

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Live the Costa Brava and explore its Camino de Ronda at your own pace with these routes. Aquí encontrarás maps, detailed routes and photos of the different sections of the Camino de Ronda.

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