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Benefits of digital minimalism

Digital minimalism is here to stay. Digital minimalism is a little-known movement, although the fact that it is going so far related to productivity has led it to be put into practice in the business world.

According to an article in La Razón, it is estimated that In Spain a person spends about 5 hours a day online. This is only average.

Can you imagine the hours that this number represents per month, or per year?

From there the worrying and much-mentioned addiction to networks. Both the frequent use of social networks and spending more than half a day on them is a very common habit today.

I have to admit that It's hard for me to deal with this issue and personally I think it's a bit complicated to deal with social networks. However, the fact that it is complicated does not have to make us technology slaves, that is why digital minimalism is so very important and we should apply it to some extent in our day to day, to avoid addictions and dependencies.

But what exactly is digital minimalism?

Digital Minimalism as a lifestyle

Basically it is a movement that seeks to use technology intelligently, eliminating addictions to it and making the most of it.

I recommend that you read the entry where I talk about this topic. Introduction to digital minimalism & Habits to apply digital minimalism to your life.

Now we are going to see some of the benefits of applying digital minimalism to our lives. Benefiting from technology without it absorbing every aspect of our lives.

*All these benefits are based on my experience and although I often deviate from the path I always apply it again. After all digital minimalism makes me more focused, waste less time and feel comfortable with myself and my surroundings.

How reducing the use of technologies can help you


When you watch the news or check the latest news on twitter, it seems as if the world is falling apart. Misinformation makes us ignorant but overinformation stresses even the most balanced person in the world.

It is not necessary to know everything, it is not necessary to be everywhere.

With digital minimalism we learn to stop any avalanche of information. How? Fragmenting and selecting only what is useful.

How? putting up order in our devices, such as having the mail organized and in this way we are not so saturated with incoming emails.

Managing our time in such a way that when we need information we go straight to the point, without going around the bush.

  1. Greater concentration

It is difficult at first learn to work without having the mobile next to youThen it becomes something more natural. Distractions decrease and we can control our impulses to be constantly aware of the entire world.

The importance of: setting schedules, tasks and objectives.

How good it feels to get to the end of the day and know that we have done just what had to be done. There is time for everything and it is important to keep it in mind.

  1. More personal and professional satisfaction

Knowing how to select important information also helps a lot on this topic. Knowing how to use social networks helps even more and gives us more self-control over what we want to consume.

Feeling that you are doing what you want, that you are focused on achieving what you want with actions.

See information and social networks from a more objective point of view. Without being so affected by the lives of others, it helps us to feel full with our own lives.  

  1. strong personal relationships

Have healthy personal relationships and as far as possible offline. Making time for your affective environment is of vital importance for a healthy mind.

Try to also have time for these types of social activities with your loved ones and if it is online, as often happens to us, make sure it is a quality communication.

  1. Time saving

You don't waste your time doing unnecessary things or procrastinating. *Although this is not 100% of the time, it is most of the time. We cannot be focused all the time or be super productive, that is clear. The difference is in being able to consciously control leisure time, work and quiet time.

Mark your schedules and be clear about the moments that are for work, family, friends and networks. You save a lot of time by having a higher level of concentration and fewer distractions.

  1. impulse control

If we have a healthy relationship with technology we will know how to keep a cool head in moments of digital madness.

Nowadays, the dissemination of false or half-baked news is more and more frequent. Keeping a cool head and checking the information helps our mental health, as well as avoiding wasting years of life following this type of information – garbage.

Recommended books on digital minimalism

  • Digital Minimalism by Carl Newport
  • The smartphone effect. Connect with meaning. Manuel Armayones Ruiz
  • Sad by design. Social networks as an ideology. Geerk Lovink

Tell me about your experience controlling the madness of this digital world. It is very difficult for me, taking this into account, pI need to set schedules or set limits to the applications. And how do you do it?

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