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10 Benefits of leading a minimalist life

when you wear one life as simplified as possible you realize, with the passage of time, that the focus is diverted and goes towards other aspects and moments of our lives that were not so important before or so we thought…. The benefits of living a minimalist life it spreads through your life giving you little things, moments, opportunities that make you feel more connected.

A minimalist life allows you to get closer to the essence of each moment. I would like to talk to you about benefits of living a minimalist life and how you can integrate it into your life. You sign up?

That's what we're going to talk about today, everything you discover when you wear a life focused on moments, and not, on material things.

*Everything I write here is based on my experience and that is why I invite you to read my post and acquire what is useful for you and discard what does not contribute to you.

Each person is different and we all have our own opinions and circumstances.

Leading a minimalist life and its benefits

Minimalist lifestyle: when less is more.

Happiness and excesses are very bad companionsIn fact, they get along quite badly with each other.

We read, we watch videos on YouTube, we pay for lectures on happiness, We deal with issues about organization and productivity. When in reality, everything starts from the same base: simplicity.

When you adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you realize that less is more. Today's society has made us believe that having more objects would make us happier. However, over time we understand that true happiness and fulfillment come from experiences, a life full of people who love us and goals that make us feel fulfilled.

When we get rid of the unnecessary, we focus on what really matters: projects that make us excited, experiences and significant people. 

All the good things about applying minimalism in your day to day

1. Value what you have: Gratitude

It's no coincidence that the happiest people are the most grateful. When we give thanks, we are telling the world that we are delighted with everything it gives us and that therefore we are open to the world.

It's something as simple as replace the complaint with gratitude. They say where you focus expands. If we focus only on what we do not have, that figure will only continue to increase. .

This is an exercise that we should do every minute, every day. when you carry a minimalist life you are left only with those things that add value to your life. Distractions decrease and love for what surrounds us increases.

The truly real appears.

2. more time for you

When you eliminate everything that doesn't get you anywhere, you begin to understand how important is our time. It is then the moment to dedicate it to really important things: acto get to know each other, to be calm and observe, to open ourselves to a world to which we previously did not have access because our burdens prevented us from being available.

The importance of a simple life. Advantages of being minimalist

Distinguish between what is useful and what is not.

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All those activities that were necessary before are now no longer necessary, you enjoy other things, you have diverted your focus and that is fine.

3. Focus on what's important

Having too many loose ends, both in our heads and in our lives. It makes life difficult for us and it is quite difficult to stay focused on one thing for a long time.

You have too many open fronts.

If you don't believe it, try writing about anything while you have three people talking to you about different things, it's almost impossible to concentrate and finish a good piece of work.

So simplifying your life leads you to undo chaos one by one so that it does not end with you.

How beautiful the phrase that says: "one day at a time" and how right it is in so few words.

4. Enjoy the little moments

Enjoy the little moments

All these points are intertwined and are related to each other, but this is the one that I like to talk the most and the most obvious to the naked eye.

When you leave all those drags behind life takes on razor sharpnessIt is as if you see blurry and with a new desire you see everything much clearer, but those moments have always been there waiting for you to pay attention to them.

It is no longer necessary to wait to go on a trip to the other side of the world to feel lucky, that feeling is already standard in you, inside you. How romantic have I become, huh?

You don't have to go to the Maldives to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Because the sun sets all over the world and thank goodness.

5. Say goodbye to unnecessary complaints

I do not want to say that because you are a minimalist, problems will disappear from your life., not at all. What I mean is that everything acquires a different perspective.

There are many problems in this life and some are really serious, but then there are others that we call problems that really aren't, that's what I mean.

Some problems go from being that "problems" to being issues to resolve. Also every circumstance or problem is there to teach you something.

"Sometimes we call things problems that are issues to be solved, and when a real problem really hits us is when we don't realize all the time we've wasted complaining about those things that weren't so important."

Victor Kuppers

So, Why not value all those moments in which we lack problems to help others who do have them? Because life is a circle and no one leaves without ever getting touched by the ball.

6. more empathy

Giving the weight it deserves to every circumstance in life, being able to appreciate when the other needs your help.

You are not the center of the universe, there are more living beings apart from you. Learn to listen, to understand problems that were previously distant to you and get involved in whatever is within your reach.

Thanks to this lifestyle I realized that we all do change in the world, from our house, with each of our acts. Individually we have a commitment to the world. A responsibility.

No one can do everything, but we can all do something.

7. You invest in experiences

One of the most rewarding changes.

Invest in yourself, in knowledge, in wanting to grow as a person, and not only on the facade that we all see. Life goes by fast and The only things that you are going to take with you are what you have learned and what you have lived through..

8. saving is very important

Every time I go to buy something that is not primarily necessary I ask myself these questions:

  • Will this improve my life?
  • How many hours of my life do I have to work to give myself this whim?
  • is it really necessary?
Benefits minimalism and savings

When stop spending your money on unnecessary things you can afford others that you could only once a year before, such as going on vacation.

If you leave behind habits that have no benefit you can allow yourself to do other things that will add more experiences, more life.

We want quality in our decisions not quantity.

At the same time you stop obsessing over money. Money has no power over you, and you do with it what you know will lead to a more peaceful life.

You are more aware and that inevitably leads to savings. When you stop buying things compulsively and invest in others that have a much more effective return, then, is when we come to have control of our finances.

9. not to attachment

You don't need X thing to be happy, you know that well-being does not depend on this or that. So don't get too attached to things.

I'm talking about material things, thoughts, people,….. You become more independent in that sense and you know that you have to take care of things, value them, but you must not be obsessed with them.

10. you actually have more

We come to the last point, and this is wonderful.

Feel more liberated with minimalism

How can it be possible that emptying us makes us freer… Yes, freer, masters of ourselves, more flexible.

For everything new you have to leave space, do not be afraid to empty yourself, most of the time it is necessary.

Life is like a container and we must put in it everything that gives us value.

A huge kiss and see you soon. ♡

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