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6 Steps to achieve a minimalist wardrobe full of color

Is usually generalize when talking about minimalism, specifically when we talk about clothes. We think that all the clothes have to be white, black or gray. In many cases this is a reality, but what is also a reality is that un closet full of color at the same time that reduced is possible. However, to achieve a minimalist wardrobe full of color we need more planning time. Go for it!

Neutral colors are much easier to combine, we will also agree that not all of us are supporters of these colorsYes, that is why it is important to apply the correct tones to our wardrobe.

We have very different tastes and that in minimalism is not going to be different.

Minimalism beyond stereotypes

Minimalism beyond stereotypes

Although it is true that when I discovered minimalism I had already reduced my closet quite a bit, when I ran into with some bloggers I thought that in my wardrobe there were many colors and what should pass me to others to combine better. I did it and I didn't it worked.

Save most of my clothes in boxes and I was testing with a more uniform range of colors, basically whites, grays and creams. I'm not convinced by those colors and I don't think they go very well with my skin tone either, so I decided to go back to my wardrobe from before.

But this time in a different way, focusing on the colors that I liked the most. That was where the famous palette.

Create your minimalist wardrobe full of color. Do it your way with a color palette…

Nor settle for everything you see Or do you read there? It is important create a wardrobe that identifies you, for this try to find an ideal color palette for you.

Here everything goes, that's why Why not create a wardrobe that is minimalist, comfortable and also full of colour?

With these guidelines I want you to find a balance and make everything that can help you yours. Do not hesitate to discard what does not go with you. Definitely, we are here to put together our own puzzle.

Tricks to get a fun and colorful wardrobe

1. Select the colors that do not go with you

The first is discard those colors that definitely do not go with you, this will help you see everything much clearer, write them down on a sheet or even Take out those clothes that have that color. If you want you can try them and you will understand much better why you do not like that particular color.

2. Write down the colors and tones that most predominate in your wardrobe

Now let's go with those colors we love.

Distribute the clothes that have that color on the bed or anywhere else and begin to write down the colors and tones, you may be two colors but with a pretty wide range of shades, this is great.

When it comes to colors and shades, there's a world of possibilities waiting to be discovered! As you examine your clothes, you may notice that you are attracted to certain colors and shades. Write down each color on a sheet to form your unique and unrepeatable palette.

When creating a collection with garments of different shades, within the same color, it will be easier to combine and create outfits.

Remember, do not focus only on the same color and experiment by trying different shades. It's a fun way to find your own style. So make the most of your creativity and create a wardrobe that reflects what you like.

Establish the colors in a minimalist wardrobe

Aim only the colors that are repeated the most and as subgroups the shades that you have within said color.

Once this is done organize your clothes by colors. Try to order your clothes in a way that you can perfectly see the variability of the tones. This will help you a lot create your color palette.

3. Minority Colors: The spark of your minimalist wardrobe

select those colors what do you like but what are they minorities and do the same as you have done with the previous ones (Aim color and tones). Also place them in a place where you can see them all together but a little separated from the rest.

clothes hanging on a clothing rack

I call these colors «colorful sheep» or «saturday colors»and although they do not occupy much in the total of your wardrobe are also important. These garments are often like the colorful sheep of the herd, we adore that type of garment and we wear it only on special occasions.

In my case those colors are yellow and orange, and yours?

4. Accessories are very important

A very important point.

Don't forget the accessories. Accessories are key in a reduced wardrobe. The accessories add a different touch to each garment.

It can be a flower scarf or a headband that gives the missing touch to our outfit. Remember that the same garment can serve you for several different events. Play around with what you have and you will see how many possible combinations you have on hand.

The difference between a boring wardrobe and a colorful one is in the imagination, not in the quantity.

5. Experiment

Play with the colors. Don't mind mixing colors haphazardly, that's what we are for, to get the most out of our closet so try, try and try. It is the only way to create a wardrobe adapted to you.

Search in sites like Pinterest ideas to better combine colors What do you have on your palette? Can select each color and find complementary colors and thus get an idea of ​​which colors look better together and which do not.

I leave you some photos that I have on my board Minimalist Wardrobe on Pinterest:

I hope it helps you and you get some ideas.

6. Show us your creative side

Creativity is key to anything we want to do in life.. It will not be less when we talk about clothes.

Search ideas to customize your clothes and bring it closer to the rest. For example, you can embroider flowers or shapes on your clothes, giving them a different touch, using colors that make them combine better with other clothes.

Ideas to create a colorful wardrobe

I hope this post has given you some idea of ​​how to form a wardrobe from a different perspective.

If you have any idea, don't forget to share it in the comments or write me an email at: if you prefer.

A huge hug and happy week!

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