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Capsule Wardrobe for this fall. What it is and things to keep in mind

I never thought I'd say this but I am considering creating a capsule wardrobe for this fall. yes i want to create a closet with few clothes, less (still) of those that make up my reduced dressing room. And that's why I'm looking for ideas and tips on how to create it. Here I share with you Some of the tricks I've found.

For the few of us who understand the subject, like me, I will tell you what a capsule wardrobe is in detail.

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What is a capsule wardrobe

The shortest and most explanatory definition of a capsule wardrobe is: interchangeable garments with each other (they combine with each other and have several uses), in this way we get have as few clothes as possible in the closet without losing comfort or variety.

Idea revolves around the seasons of the year therefore for each season you should have a capsule wardrobe adapted to your needs and the climate. Super interesting!

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The idea came to a London lady who had a boutique, that according to the internet, he would come up with the name because having few basic clothes that do not go out of style and interchangeable with each other, that could also have been invented by my grandmother.

Oh the grandparents, great pioneers in this minimalism thing.

Well, that's what I'm looking at the less strict way to create a tiny wardrobe with clothes that I like. I'll get it? I'm also in no hurry to make it perfect so here we go.

How many clothes should a capsule wardrobe have?

And here you go the main reason why I have never had the itch, until now, to create a capsule wardrobe. The blessed number.

Many minimalists are obsessed with the number of things they have. And I don't want that.

In various posts, "the rule" is repeated that a capsule wardrobe "must" have 33 garments. I don't really know what that is (well, 33 pieces, silly), since I've never gone around counting the clothes I have, I don't know what it would mean to follow that rule. Besides, I don't like rules and that's why I decided to start experimenting. 🤗 The fun part coming soon.

The first thing I should do is look for the number of clothes with which to reach the end of the week without my outfit being out of balance 🧩 . I do not plan to put 3 weekly washers with four rags.

Choosing a style

As a my intention is to have even less clothes Well I must start thinking about what kind of clothes I want to have in this -new wardrobe experiment capsule- 😂 so for that I have thought about the What kind of clothes do I like to wear in autumn? 🍂.

Jerseys can not miss

Halftime basics. I live in the province of Barcelona. You move 20 kilometers and you are in a totally different climate.

Jeans & Tights

Dresses. Currently I don't have any winter dress so I'll have to go to a store to buy something cool.

Coat. I only have one black but it's still about to retire. Oilskin? I want a red one and I am in search of the ideal. I'll upload a photo when I have it in my hands.

Scarves. I love scarves 😍 so you can't miss them. Although it is a complement more than a garment.

What else? Shoes, stockings,... Okay.

Choice of colors in a small closet

My favorite and most difficult partFrom my point of view, it is choosing the colors that will be in a closet.

Remember the puzzle key for when creating a wardrobe with few clothes is the subject of colors. It can get a minimalist wardrobe full of color. Just need a little planning and knowing what your colors are.

I am very clear about what colors I would like to have in my ~new capsule experiment wardrobe~:

  • Black White
  • ochres
  • Red color:

In the Post about ideas and combinations colors for your wardrobe you can enjoy Get examples of how to choose colors for your wardrobe.

You can also search in Pinterest different capsule wardrobe boards that can serve as inspiration to create yours.

The most important thing when creating a minimalist wardrobe

I think the most important thing to keep in mind When you want to do something for yourself, it is to keep you in mind, inform you but also keep in mind what do you need, what are you comfortable with and if it is necessary to take a step back and say this is not for me, I better go another way... All these are valid reasonings that [almost] always work.

so why not dare to do something different, without rules, without perfection, without stress. Are you in to create a smaller closet for this winter? 😉

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  1. a topic to explore. Fears and fears come from society that rejects you. How to do it….it is what I wanted or would have wanted in my youth…now starting from an old age is hard and apart from that I see people with cars…it is ???inside of minimalism??? because at this point I exercise it because there is no other option… now the thought of how it was incorporated into the one that nothing enters….

    1. It's never too late to start a lifestyle that makes you feel better about yourself and the world. I think generally minimalism, in many cases, starts when you're older. When you see that in life not everything is having and accumulating. I encourage you to keep going and if that makes you happy don't look back. 💓 ☺️

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