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How to save for your trips in an easy way. Travel savings guide

After writing a few Posts about travel, more like a few dozen entries dedicated only to travel, making ready guides, various tips to apply to travel, it's time to enter the part of money, of savings applied to travel. Y how can save for your trips in an easy way and starting right now.

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For many people now it can be difficult to save in itself, since they are not in the habit of saving money every month, instead many times If we set a goal for that savings, it is much easier to allocate a small part to that small project. what can be called -Journey to Millennial China- why not.

In this post we are going to deal some tips that have helped me a lot when it comes to saving for my trips. And I swear to you that I have many trips behind me, achieved with a fairly normal salary.

You don't need a lot of money to travel. Is this true?

I think Depending on the type of traveler you are, you need more or less money to travel, however, I believe that the simple act of moving from one place to another requires an economic outlay, no matter how much They made us believe we could travel for free, it is not 100% so.

Traveling requires an economic effort, mentality and attitude, etc. Therefore, we cannot ignore that to travel we need to have organized finances.

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When I started traveling I barely had any experience earning money but I was very clear that I wanted to start exploring the world and the only way to do it was to save money every month, that's when they started tips and tricks to save money one year ahead. This can only be achieved with attitude and organization.

Tips to help you save for your trips

I think one part of the organization and preparation of the trip No. is in taking the entire salary for the month or borrowing it from the bank, but, in the process of planning a trip.

Learn to budget a trip, of all the adjustments you have to make so that you can really adapt to a destination: look at more or less how much it will cost you, the time you need, etc.

  • Make a list of places you would like to visit

Making a list of destinations you would like to visit is a good way to start fulfilling your dreams as a traveler. Also on that list you can make a ranking ordering the sites from cheapest to most expensive and so can adapt them to your current situation.

This list will be a kind of guide to also know ourselves as travelers and especially at the beginning to have a series of destinations that are a little clearer, especially when we start to travel and we don't know many countries.

For example, some of the countries you wanted to visit when i started to be able to afford to travel They were Italy and Greece. So far I have never been to Greece, but my first trip was to Italy. A solo trip through Italy, eye to the data That trip marked, to a certain extent, my style when it came to exploring the world.

So The lists of places we want to visit they are not immovable but they work as a kind of guide when the world is too big and you want to start all over.

  • Travel will be part of your monthly budget

If you have a traveling soul this is vital.

At the beginning of each month he withdraws a small amount of money and destined only for your trips. Even if it's very little, try to make this a habit. Like the money we set aside for coffee at work.

Often on vacation, especially due to lack of experience and planning, We usually put all the amount we need for a trip at the time of the trip. Which it's supposes a large financial outlay an imbalance in our finances that can make the following months difficult.

That is why the fact Having a small budget for your trips is a way to finance your vacation and make it seem free.

It is very important to keep this in mind: saving €2000 in three months is not the same as saving €2000 in 12 months. The result is the same, however the process is not at all.

  • Make a small account to save money from your trips

💡 Ideas: Most of the banks in Spain, They have a section within your account that is usually called a piggy bank. This piggy bank 🐷 is a kind of subaccount of the account itself in which the money disappears from your checking account and is deposited in another space of the account itself.

Use this method to save the money you need for that specific trip. Example: €100 per month for 10 months. Typically these accounts have a setting to automate contributions. You don't have to do anything 😃 the money will be deposited every month.

On the platform itself You have the option to put a photo and a title. Be creative and do it in a way that motivates you to save.

I take a screenshot of one of my piggy banks, and how something as simple as a simple photo or illustration can motivate you to continue with your goal until the end. 😉

Piggy Banks: How to Make Saving for Travel Easy

* In this case, I had a piggy bank to save only for the expenses of Iceland since the flights and the car were paid for, so I can adapt my budget to what is left to pay for the trip.

  • Set yourself a goal

Set yourself a goal as clear as possible. It is not enough to say I want to go to X country but it is important to find out so that the objective is as concrete as possible.

Example: << I want to go to IRELAND and the budget for this trip is €1300 € for about 15 days. I would like to go in the spring of next year. >>

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Find out and specify a little more about the topic:

  • Flights: Make an estimate of what they usually cost.
  • Hotels: Look for the best options on Booking or Airbnb
  • Food: How much do you need to spend on food per day? Look for the cost of living in any country in this price comparator. World prices.
  • write down on a sheet the total What do you think you need for the trip?

With this information you can divide the number of months remaining to know exactly how much you have to save in order to reach the goal.

  • Saving is beautiful, fun and you do it for you. Motivation

We are experiencing very intense years in terms of travel. I think definitely Social networks have made traveling definitely marked the last decade.

That is why perhaps we have idealized the act of traveling, and that many now see it as an obligation or requirement for success.

We have to admit it: Traveling is becoming a superficial act that has little or nothing to do with an adventurous spirit and curiosity. Do not be guided by fashions and make every trip worthwhile for you, not for others.

Going to Indonesia, visiting the beautiful Balinese terraces, because it is what you have always seen in the reels is not knowing a country, no matter how much Instagram and social networks in general have told you that it is so. Your trip is yours, Indonesia is immense and precious enough to sum it up in a few hotels with infinity pools…

We must understand it now: Traveling goes far beyond social networks, it is a mentality and it is important that if it is not fun for you or you do not like it, you feel free to use that money and those resources for something else.

With this we come to the conclusion that there are many ways to travel and we don't have to go to the other side of the world to meet, discover and feel happy and alive.

  • Once you achieve your goal to enjoy

The process of saving a whole year, even more, for a trip is a fact in which not everyone is capable of reaching the end. So, It is very important to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

You've done it, my friend. Make this trip unforgettable.

That is: This money is yours and it is to be spent on this adventure.

I am very strict when it comes to saving and that is why once I reach my goal I spend everything, absolutely everything, on the trip. And I try to make the most of all that effort.

  • Traveling for many is a circular process. We start again.

For many people, traveling is finishing a list in which once you complete the list, that's it. It's over. Instead For other people, traveling is part of their routine and is part of their monthly budget.

If you are one of those people, it is very important that you keep in mind that Traveling is one more item of spending or investment and you need to organize yourself year after year to be able to travel every X time. It is like paying for the Internet or Netflix, it is one more item that must be taken into account.

For that reason these tips are not a linear process but rather a circular process in which the wheel always keeps turning and we are always planning a tripEven if it is five years from now, we always keep in mind that we want to take a little trip and we are preparing for it.

How to save for your trips: Excel or a notebook is enough

a spreadsheet with four numbers it usually works very well, even a notebook It is also used to budget trips.

In my case I use a notebook, I use it both to make the budget and to organize the trip itself. Also during the trip I use it journal mode where do i aim expenses, travel experiences, reservation numbers and important data.

Come on!!!! Let's do it. Take a notebook, a pen and start writing what you need to make that trip you want so much: how much time, how much money, who you want to go with, what are you going to do to get it.

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