Steps for organizing a minimalist closet

The organization of a minimalist closet does not differ greatly from that of a "normal" closet, although I consider very important to take some habits to make the closet more flexible, dynamic and let's save time.

Over the years I have changed the way I organize my closet. That's why I invite you to investigate about different ways to organize your closet and find the one that best suits you.

Minimalism: when less in more

"Less is more"

This is a quote from Mies Van der Rohe. Minimalist architect, whose phrase has become one of the mottos of the minimalist movement.

Less is more. Less is more

And what does this phrase propose to us? Among others, that let's start with the simple, that we do not complicate with quantities but that let's opt for quality.

Buy less, choose well and make it last.

Since I have a smaller wardrobe, I have realized that I organize and change the way I organize it more frequently. Having more space, I can change the clothes as it suits me at all times.

I organize the closet depending on the seasons, depending on whether it is winter or summer I have it one way or another.

I invite you to read these steps to organize your closet and choose those that best suit you.

  • 1. Division by garments

Dividing the closet by types of garments helps you to visualize much better the different combinations that you can make.

I fold the pants and put them one on top of the other, normally the ones I wear most often are always on top. I do the same with winter sweaters.

Organize your clothes with the method with Mary

I don't pay much attention to the colors or the length of the garment, as I have fewer clothes I know exactly what each one is like just by seeing its color. Little advantages of a minimalist wardrobe!

  • 2. Organization by colors

Its alot easier to combine the different clothes if we have the closet ordered by colors. Note: I do this with the clothes that are hanging.

Organize clothes by colors: minimalist wardrobe

It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does you see the variation between different colors. It helps to be clearer about the color palette, make new combinations and even modify some sections or include some more color.

  • 3. Folded and Split Basics

Fold the basic clothes and put them in a corner of the closet. Divide them into sections of long and short garments can be very useful to have everything more organized and accessible.

basic garments normally they have a lot of turnover that's why it would be nice fold them and have them in a place where they are together and have access to one or the other without displacing the entire closet.

  • 4. Hangers: your great allies
Using hangers to organize the closet

In this part of the closet is where the colors of our palette are most noticeable.

In this section of the closet You can put the clothes that are not part of my base wardrobe: shirts, jackets and also scarves or handkerchiefs (In their corresponding color zones).

As well to place more delicate garments like bodysuits and dresses. Garments that we usually resort to a lot in spring and summer dates.

Since I don't have too many clothes I try to have enough space between the hangers to avoid wrinkling and by the way but no less important power better see everything I have in the closet.

  • 5. Sportswear: better separated from the rest

Well, we are reaching the end and touch the sportswear.

Sportswear should be separate, if this is possible. You can divide them into upper parts; tops, blouses and bottoms; pants. In this section, organize everything that has to do with your exercise routines.

I have very little quantity in this section so I invite you to evaluate if it is worth doing it like this, or on the contrary it can place it somewhere more accessible in the closet.

It is a matter of analyzing what best suits our circumstances.

6. Party wear and special occasions

He usually has very few clothes of this style. I try that all the clothes I have are suitable for any occasion, but there are some that are more formal and that I usually wear exclusively in situations that are not everyday, for example a wedding.

In this case, I fold these types of garments well and put them in a suitcase on top of the closet or en a corner of the closet where it doesn't bother much.

Organize clothes special occasions

As you can see, my closet is organized in a very practical way, I try to make it as comfortable as possible. Go modifying it throughout the seasons and although it is not a very large closet, from here I wear each and every one of the clothes. It is the most important thing in any wardrobe..

It is more important to have a practical wardrobe than to have an aesthetic one.

Let me know in the comments some tricks to have an organized closet. You can also follow me on Social Networks or write me a message to I'll be delighted to meet you and chat with you.

Books About Minimalist Wardrobe and Sustainable Wardrobe

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