Route through the Fields of Sunflowers in Spain. Towns where you can visit them

Throughout the years, and the seasons, I have realized that each season has its charm and that each place exhibits that charm in its own way. Let's talk about sunflowers for example. They have their full ripening stage in August, that is, when they have a more intense color, their harvest is in October, the pipes are so rich. Well, in Spain, sunflower fields are located in a large part of the country.

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Organize your life and be more productive with minimalism

Minimalism and productivity are closely related. When you get rid of all the noise around you the objectives become clearer. The little parrot on your head becomes kinder to you, becomes your ally. When I talk about noise I mean disorder. The mess of material things, the mental mess that makes you not focus enough on something. that you do not have constancy and leave everything halfway.

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Notes from the Bestseller Essentialism. The productivity and simplification book

Do you know where you invest your time and energy?
«Essentialism is not about doing more things; It's about doing the right things."
As many of you already know, Greg MacKeown's Essentialism offers the promise of systematic organization to help us focus on what is truly important at all times. Come on, a classic of the books on task management and others. But is this what the book is about?

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