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Digital minimalism. Introduction to digital minimalism.

Have you ever felt that anxiety that comes with spending a whole day without internet? Not just a whole day anymore, even a few hours without connection can cause great discomfort in our hyper-connected life. digital minimalism it has become a response to technological dependency which is normalizing while ties us to social networks, algorithms and applications.

Digital Minimalism is a way to simplify our use of technology and build a healthy balance between our online and offline lives. Adopting this practice allows us to be more aware of how we use the networks and how they are influence our emotions and well-being.

One of the first actions that we can take to apply Digital Minimalism is to evaluate and become aware of our dependence on technology. How many hours a day do we spend in front of the phone or computer screen? How many times do we check our social networks compulsively? These reflections they help us to understand how technology is impacting our daily lives.

have you ever felt Anxiety about missing out on any news from the networks?

This fear that something interesting had happened and that we were missing it…. The fear of not being at an important moment, missing a story, a meme, a publication, etc.,... These are the first signs that tell us that we should take steps to reduce mobile phone use. 

This is a dependency symptom called FOMO (Fear of missing out) or fear of missing something. today is This sensation is quite common and makes us pay attention to the mobile much more than necessary.

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At present, the effect FOMO, It affects a large number of people, all of whom have something in common: they are dependent on their mobile phones. in most cases, to social networks and they need that encouragement every day.

And what does this have to do with digital minimalism? A lot. All.

Digital minimalism is not having a mobile and a computer from the last century. Nor is it about being like the pessimistic cousin who thinks that technology is the origin of all the ills of humanity. Actually, digital minimalism is a conscious and deliberate approach towards improving the use we make of technology in our daily lives.

It's about being selective and aware of how we use technology to maximize our well-being and productivity. Instead of falling into the trap of instant gratification and information overload.

Digital minimalism helps us to be aware that technology is there to serve us and not the other way around.

They call it digital minimalism and it is a silent but very powerful movement that brings us, among other things: peace of mind, higher concentration rates and quality time for what is important.

It was thanks to digital minimalism that I decided to stop using Instagram for a time. It felt great to understand that we are much happier the more disconnected we are. Take a break from social media it never hurts.


It is a movement that aims use technology as a tool. Using these tools correctly are key to avoiding dependencies. An increasingly widespread fact in order to use technology in a conscious way, for specific objectives.

It's not about being against technology, it's a matter of find a healthy balance.

Digital minimalism today

Nowadays we need the mobile phone for everything the imaginable: with him We see the time, we have the agenda, the telephone numbers, the alarm and even the boarding tickets and our bank App. But this is not precisely what makes you addicted or dependent.

It is very important to keep in mind that a person who works every day with and for technology, therefore, that is their livelihood, is not the same as another who uses it without an end. It is very different. We must learn to differentiate these two issues and learn to live with the fact that we can't get rid of the mobile just like that.

Is technology good or bad?

I have ever heard that technology is the worst thing that has happened to us. Some of us are like that, so incapable of finding the nuances and other points of view on the same issue.

Technology is one of the most impressive advances What has happened to us since the discovery of the printing press.

Not only It has helped us to communicate in a much faster and more efficient way, but it has helped save lives. To realize this we only have to look for the benefits of technology in the fields of medicine.

Therefore, technology is neither good nor bad. technology really It is only an instrument, and it is up to us to use it correctly and put it to work in our favor.

Let's not blame the Mobile for what happens to us because we don't know how to manage it properly.

A Digital Diet

Let get rid of both Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all that we call Social networks.

An digital diet it has become more and more popular in the modern era, where the time we spend on our electronic devices has multiplied. Consists in limit or even eliminate the use of smartphones, tablets and computers for a certain period. By doing so, we can disconnect from the virtual world and dedicate time to other actions healthy.

By adopting a digital diet, we give ourselves the opportunity to free ourselves from the constant attention and distraction that electronic devices can generate.

During our digital diet, we can find new forms of entertainment like reading a book, going for a walk, meditating, or spending quality time with our loved ones. By prioritizing certain offline activities, we strengthen our personal relationships, increase our creativity, and can experience a sense of calm and tranquility.

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  • Disconnect from World Chaos. Minimalism and News.

Before we only did not report the closest news from our environment. Those of our country, nearby countries and when a "catastrophe" occurred, that of others further away.

Today, We know what happens in every corner of the world. We can look it up ourselves or they don't say it in the daily news anymore. With this bombardment of "misfortunes"; Let's be honest, the news only talks about how bad things are, which leads us to think that the world is worse than it was before.

That pessimistic idea and the excess of information is what drains our energy.

Therefore we find ourselves in a time when more than ever we need to disconnect from the world.

Books on Network Addiction and Digital Detox

  • Digital minimalism. Cal Newport
  • Digital Minimalism: 7 habits and 24 actions to disconnect and reconnect. Rubiela Buitrago Gomez
  • Irresistible. Adam Alter.

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