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The most impressive waterfalls in Iceland

The first word we learned in Icelandic was the word -foss- what does it mean waterfall or waterfall. That's why we felt so attracted with everything that had that combination of letters. It was seeing the word foss on the map and our faces lit up. We knew, it was a waterfall. On our route around the island we had several foss in the planning. So Today we bring you a list with the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland.


Once we had been touring the country for a few days, we realized that In Iceland there are waterfalls everywhere. What's more, there are no names for many of them, since some appear due to the rains and others are just there, at most they bear the name of the house that is closest to them. That's how awesome this country is.

Iceland, the most amazing country in the world

When we booked our Iceland trip, we couldn't believe it. we would visit one of the wildest countries in the world. I could never imagine it. Iceland was always on my list of countries I wanted to visit, but I never thought I would meet it.

Little by little the desire gave free rein to action. We started to organize the trip. From that moment we began to accumulate names of towns, geographical features, fjords, beaches, black and many, many, waterfalls.

We tried to visit all the waterfalls that we had on the list, but not infinity and we were not able to. Of course, we discovered a lot of waterfalls that we did not have on the list, we let ourselves be surprised by the most famous in Iceland in the country and we feel attracted by those that are more forgotten, but just as beautiful.

List of the most impressive waterfalls Iceland

Traveler's Note: To discover some lesser known waterfalls what we did was go inspecting the map and looking for words ending in foss. It was like that in each day of travel there were a few waterfalls to visit, in addition to the corresponding highlights of Iceland and the most famous waterfalls, of course.

  • urriðafoss

It was one of the first waterfalls we visited in Iceland. It is not one of the prettiest in the country but it attracts attention and is quite wealthy.

It has a gazebo and a picnic area. We took advantage of the views and the tranquility to have something for breakfast.

It is a place well known by the locals for being ideal for salmon fishing.

  • Ægissíðufoss

I fell in love with the landscape that surrounds this waterfall. We were completely alone. The only thing that could be heard was the fury of the water that was so strong that it resembled that of a dam.

It is found in a wide field -Iceland green- and it is very curious to see how this waterfall appears from one moment to another. The terrain is quite flat which makes that both the meadow that surrounds it and the waterfall are worked and form a picture of the flattest. Perfect.

It is not a very touristy waterfall, . precisely that is one of its charms and the reason why there is so much peace in this place.

  • seljalandsfoss

Prepare the raincoat because we are going to discover Seljalandsfoss, one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland.


Surely you have seen it on many occasions; documentaries, travel guides, landscape photographs, etc.

One of the things that caught my attention the most is the shape of the waterfall and how in the center part it has a hollow area, from where you can see the waterfall from behind.


The waterfall has a great flow of water and from afar other smaller waterfalls that contrast with this one can be observed.

  • gljufrafoss

After visiting the previous one, we went to see this curious waterfall. I had no idea, I just watched my boyfriend looking through the cracks for I don't know what. Was gljufrafoss. A waterfall hidden inside a cave-like space in the rock.


Gljufrafoss can only be seen peeking out of a crack. If you want to see it complete you will have to enter and stay almost under it. With the wetting that this implies.

Wear a raincoat, and a good one!

  • Íráfoss

Íráfoss is located in a land of meadows from where the mountains that surround it stand out. It is a small waterfall, with little influx of people, very little, ideal to eat or rest for a while during the journey.

  • Skogafoss

One the waterfalls that we liked the most in Iceland. Although to see it from above you have to climb some stairs brought by the devil. The truth is that it is very worth going up to the viewpoint and if you dare to do the tour of the entire course of the river you will discover other equally beautiful waterfalls.

  • Other smaller waterfalls:
    • hestavaðsfoss
    • fosstorfufoss
    • steinbogafoss

The landscape and the different waterfalls contrast with the mountain together with a palette of greens of the most varied. without a doubt of the most incredible environments we have seen.

  • uxafotafoss

Despite how wild the landscape is in Iceland, at this waterfall, we feel like in Heidi's drawings. This A beautiful waterfall, surrounded by mountains, gives us a rather irregular waterfall. Which makes it even prettier.

As you get closer you realize that The waterfall consists of many rocks that make the water go down as if it were a ladder. One of the scenarios that most captivated us in the south of Iceland.

We were alone, taking the tripod on and off calmly, enjoying the sound of water, sheep and that characteristic green of Iceland that makes everything look so special.

El landscape is so idyllic, quiet It's hard to say goodbye to this little corner of the island. Although its appearance may be very simple, the landscape that surrounds it is incredible and that is why we consider it one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland.


A highly recommended visit.

  • Foss á Síðu

Waterfall that we could only see from afar, since is located on private property. Despite this it is lovely. An ideal place to stretch your legs.


What we liked the most about this site is that the setting is perfect since it is in a meadow with some houses, and in the background, the mountain next to the waterfall.

  • Svartifoss

It is located between one of the Top 10 waterfalls in Iceland. It is sure that it sounds familiar to you and you have seen it in many guides. With several points from which to see it and a viewpoint right next to it, it is a waterfall that you cannot miss in Iceland.

One of the characteristics that makes her different from others It is the way in which the mountain ends with such particular shapes in the rock. Is about hexagonal basalt columns.

those curious Vertical formations are due to the slow cooling of the lava, which causes the stone to remain in this hexagonal shape.

These columns remind me of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Before reaching the waterfall, you will reach other smaller ones. One of them, hundafossIt is a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by nature. All that vegetation gives a special air to the place. Here you also have a viewpoint.


The tour is done through a hiking trail that lasts approximately 40 minutes. The road is uphill but it is very pleasant.

  • Grófarlækjarfoss

To get here you have to go through a small grass path and some flowers.

Depending on the time you go you will see it in a totally different way. It may look most impressive in the fall and spring. From the top you can see the entire landscape that surrounds you. Although the waterfall itself is small.

During the spring and summer season, the area is full of lupines, typical icelandic flowers.

Si Te gusta discover less touristy places and you have time to do so, It is a waterfall that I recommend you visit.

  • Dettifoss

Now we go a little far, until the northern iceland, to meet another of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland.

One of the largest in the country, and also one of the most impressive due to the great flow of water and its width.

Due to some changes in our trip and the weather, we could not get close to see it. Although we have no doubt that it is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland for a reason.

as the above is one of the most famous in the country and also one of the most impressive due to its size.

You also have routes along the river and discover the area in a much deeper way.

a man enjoying the view of the godafoss waterfalls

When it comes to such popular and famous waterfalls, we can add little since you will surely have found them in the multitude of lists in Iceland.

  • Oxarárfoss

We go to the golden circle and we present you a beautiful waterfall in Thingvellir National Park.

The path to it is made between rocks, a zone of cracks where one continent divides with the other. This is a waterfall of the Öxará river and is one of the highlights of the Golden Circle.

The waterfall is the most accessible so it is a Ideal route to do with children.

  • Gullfoss

All noise what does this waterfall do it can be heard meters away. The voluminous Gullfoss waterfall is one of the mightiest in the entire country. It is the largest waterfall in Iceland.

This impressive waterfall falls into the Hvítá Canyon. Another of the highlights of the Golden Circle.

Enjoy it, because it might be the waterfall that best represents Iceland. Wild, unpredictable and majestic.


After mentioning all these waterfalls to you we have come to the conclusion that children in Iceland have a very difficult time passing geography. Learning both rivers and tributaries should not be easy at all.

As a curiosity: In Iceland waterfalls appear every year so some have no name. That is why many waterfalls are on private property, since on the slopes of the mountains there is a high chance that a waterfall will suddenly appear.

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