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And you, what goals have you achieved this year? The importance of celebrating your achievements

At the end of December, almost all of us, it gives us to analyze how the year has gone but more than that We started planning the following year by setting ourselves goals that we would like to achieve. In this post I will talk about something different and that although it is not so connected with the future it does have an implication in how to focus next year. The importance of celebrating your achievements it's stopping to give yourself a hug and say: well done!

I want, I wish with all my heart that you read this post until the end, because I believe that although society focuses on setting goalsLittle is said about doing an analysis of them to see: possible changes of ideas, learning about ourselves, new approaches and even changes in the way or improvement for the next time.

It is not only important to set goals as well it is congratulate yourself when these are fulfilled.

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I recommend you take a look at last year's post where at this time I was already analyzing 2020 goals and setting new ones.

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Reasons to celebrate your achievements

It may seem strange that I list you the reasons why it is so important celebrate our achievementsHowever, it is vital to be clear about this and understand why this should be done not every year but every time a goal is achieved.

  • Live in the present

So much blah blah blah and so many books is useless if you don't dedicate yourself nice words to yourself when you get something.

We know the theory to the letter but in practice we fail more than we would like.

In many cases when we achieve a goal we realize that the path to that goal has been much more exciting than the goal itself. We do not know this fact until we reach the finish line. In the same way we should learn to stand right in front of the line and tell ourselves:

I've made it, congratulations on that, I admire you for getting here, it was worth it (or not) and you made it to the end.

These internal talks are much more interesting than the applause of an entire stadium. Well, actually I don't really know what I said but you understand me, right?

The first to congratulate us and see our worth, and also, the only ones who know the difficulties we have gone through along the way are us.So let's act accordingly.

  • Thank you for the journey and the learning

Instead of stopping for a moment to think about inertia and nonconformity leads us to think about what we want to achieve next.

To be grateful is to stop to embrace all the opportunities, abilities and people that we have had and that they have helped us to get to where we are.

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Sit down, reflect and be thankful for everything. Even if things didn't go as planned (almost never go as planned), thank you.

  • analyze to learn

And now the interesting part that makes many people learn from their mistakes and others simply attribute everything to luck...

Although luck (the place, the moment, etc) plays a very important role in our lives, I believe that in a very very high percentage of our results are due to ourselves: what we do, how we think and who we surround ourselves with…

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Actively think about all the things that:

You have done well ✔️
How have you coped with difficult times?
What you have learned along the way ✔️
If you were to do something similar again, you would do it again ✔️

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There is the difference between going from one goal to another without further ado and stopping to rest and enjoy the moment so special that it means being aware that despite everything you have achieved it or at least you have learned.

invited you to every year (on the date you want) make a letter to yourself listing these accomplishments. Would be like a letter to your past self congratulating him, talking about you to you and scolding him if necessary.

Write a letter to your past self and to your future self to chat with yourself. When you read these letters you will realize that we are constantly evolving and each year it is as if we were speaking to a different person.

Here are some sample letters to yourself to give you an idea of ​​how to approach your own message. 😉

Letter to my future self by Lápiz Nómada

Letter to my traveling self *I love the way in which he proposes to travel even if it is not very far, but he intends to invest more in experiences.

Now yes: Let's go for the next challenge.

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